Cold Steel Review

In our Cold Steel review, we will acquire a lot of interesting information about the company called Cold Steel. In the year 1980, Cold Steel was founded and has been known as a company that produces various knives and tools that have become popular for numerous uses. Lynn Thompson is the president of Cold Steel and is known as a very hands-on president who is also claimed to be a practitioner of the martial arts; additionally, he and his Cold Steel Crew usually create demonstrative videos featuring their company’s various products.

Cold Steel is also known as a company that produces almost everything – from battle axes to pen knives, their demonstrations can become wild and outrageous since they usually test their knives or other bladed weapons by driving these through car hoods, slicing through a number of large hanging pieces of raw meat, as well as other over the top tests to see the limits of all their products. Additionally, Cold Steel has also chartered itself as a company that produces highly functional yet very affordable knives and other tools for various activities.

Cold Steel Swords

This portion of the Cold Steel review will focus on the most commonly purchased pieces of the company. One of the most popular products from Cold Steel is the Cold Steel Swords which have become a favorite – this was partially due to the company’s aggressive and continuous marketing campaigns. These campaigns had a reputation for exhibiting the company’s excellent products that could provide durability and efficiency; also, checking other Cold Steel review would only give the same details – this being a company that only provides some of the best knives and swords around.

Cold Steel swords are said to be created in at least two different forges – one located in China for all their Japanese swords, and in India for the European swords – this is necessary since they aim to maintain close control over all the products commissioned. Moreover, the company also strives to create products that are slightly heavier compared to the traditional piece that their swords were based from, as well as extremely durable and sharp swords with outstanding cutting abilities.

Price Range

In our Cold Steel review, one will learn that the price range of the company’s swords varies depending on the piece, though the typical price of these would range from $150 to $300.

Known Issues

If one would compare other Cold Steel review with ours, it would clearly show that others have also stated that some of the company’s sword models have a sort of issue on some parts, specifically the structure and make of the hilts. A lot of people reported that the Grosse Messer and Hand and Half Sword had issues: for the latter, it was around the handle that falls apart for no apparent reason; while for the Grosse Messer, its issue was the occasional drops when utilized due to the unnecessarily long pommel screw that was used for the weapon.  Otherwise, the most common concern when it comes to Cold Steel swords would be the lack of sharpness of the blades. Rest assured that the majority of Cold Steel’s swords are sharp, but there are moments when some dull ones slip and come off as blunt as a simple butter knife.

Where to Buy Cold Steel Swords

In this portion of our Cold Steel review, one can find out where to buy Cold Steel swords. A lot of the company’s rejects are being sold on eBay and keep in mind that these are being sold at a low price on the internet. However, there are low-priced products from Cold Steel that are available, but are not considered as rejects since these are pre-inspected to ensure the blade’s strength, durability, and efficiency. Also remember that the prices for the company’s swords greatly differ depending on where the weapon is being sold, and the most expensive place to purchase these would be directly from the company, Cold Steel. Although acquiring the piece from the company itself may be pricier, it ascertains the buyer that the item that they are purchasing is legit and made with the highest quality materials.

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