Hema Gear

Protective HEMA Gear

Hema Gear is necessary for a martial arts practitioner to ensure safety while also preventing injuries. It is an important thing to ensure since martial arts injuries will definitely happen but if a certain martial art is practiced and executed properly, using the HEMA sword and other equipment will not necessarily be dangerous compared to other types of contact sport. Light sparring using the shini does not necessarily require the practitioner to utilize heavy gear unlike when they utilize steel HEMA swords for practice.

There are numerous types of protective HEMA gear that are necessary for sparring, training, and dueling purposes.

Fencing Mask

The fencing mask should always be present and these should not show any forms of damage or distress that may impact when used. Additional elements such as side covers or mask tops are not really necessary but can be utilized when practicing with HEMA swords such as the saber or longsword.


The helmet for sparring must always be utilized for protection to prevent severe attacks or blows on one’s head.

Back of Head Protection

The back of head protection is a very important safety HEMA gear that is present to safeguard the head with a rigid and solid protector without any forms of gaps.


The gorget is one of the HEMA gear that is referred to as a solid and sturdy throat protector that conceals the user’s throat.

Elbow Protector

Elbow protectors are known to be the solid protective gear that is necessary for the HEMA sword like the saber or longsword. This specific HEMA gear is recommended but not really required for the dagger and rapier.

Knee Guards

Knee guards are among the HEMA gear that provides solid protection to the sides of one’s knees; it is required for all types of weapons.

Shins and Forearms

Shins and forearms are solid protective HEMA gear and these are necessary for practicing with the saber and the longsword.


Gloves are also among the very important HEMA gear and these are necessary for the HEMA sword like the saber and longsword. Thick fencing gloves are necessary without any or extremely limited gaps at the fingers, and also, metal gauntlets are not allowed for use.

Groin Guard

The groin guard is a HEMA gear that is necessary for men but is recommended for women when practicing martial arts.


Jackets are also among the HEMA gear that should be well-padded for further protection. If the HEMA gear does not feature a blade catcher along the throat area, a Polish apron or something similar is necessary to prevent the enemy’s blade from sliding beneath the mask.


The most common HEMA sword utilized for martial arts include the saber, dagger, rapier, the longsword, plus the sword and buckler. Weapons should always be checked for any deformities or damages since practitioners should not utilize a HEMA sword that has suffered from serious damages such as deformation.

HEMA Gear for Clubs and Tournaments

It is also necessary to utilize the HEMA gear for clubs and tournaments but every practitioner should realize that there is a big difference between joining an international tournament and sparring in a club. Remember that the protective gears accepted in clubs are not adequate for protection during tournaments since there is higher intensity when it comes to the hits executed by participants who have joined.

Generally, the aim in tournaments is for them to get their hits and each participant will focus and do everything to achieve this; martial artists do not necessarily hurt other participants but there is definitely a huge difference between dueling with a stranger in tournaments compared to sparring with a friend or classmate in clubs.

Additionally, when it comes to one’s safety, the instructor or the student is responsible for one’s safety while in tournaments, the participant (depends on the country’s law), the referee, organization, and the tournament manager may be responsible for the participant’s safety, so if an accident or injury occurs during a martial arts tournament, this will backfire on the whole tournament.