Historical European Martial Arts Instructors

Historical European Martial Arts Instructors

The Historical European martial arts instructors are known by many due to the contributions that they have offered in the world of martial arts. The Historical European martial arts – or more commonly known as the HEMA – refer to any form of martial arts that is of European origin. Western Martial Arts or WMA is commonly utilized in the US, and in a much wider sense, it also includes traditional and modern disciplines. During the later period of the middle ages, the longsword was known to have a high position of honor among the numerous disciplines. 

There are contemporary reconstructions and developments of these arts that appeared from the year 1890, and these have been practiced methodically since the year 1990. Since then, a large number of Historical European martial arts communities have emerged and flourished in areas such as North America, Europe, Australia, and other English-speaking areas around.

As for the eastern martial arts traditions, the masters present have a direct lineage – meaning, the present day masters were able to learn from a previous master who gained knowledge from another previous master, and so on. Since numerous martial arts traditions have died or have simply developed into something more of the sportive forms, the HEMA is attempting to bring back the forgotten arts that were once taught by the old European instructors.

A large number of these individuals have left important manuals and records that were often coded in forms of poetry; and because of this, the HEMA community, along with the Historical European martial arts instructors, strive to discover, understand, and translate these materials to rebuild and recreate the old traditional arts.

Here are some of the well-renowned HEMA Alliance instructors of today: 

Lee Smith

Lee Smith is one of the respected HEMA instructors of today, and he has led a few classes and seminars during distinguished events that occurred throughout Europe and North America. Smith is also known as one of the very active members of the HEMA community and was also the previous director of the Curriculum Council of the HEMA. Lee Smith is considered as an extremely diverse martial artist since he can fight using various single and double handed weapons; his numerous victories include the following: the dussack, rapier, single stick, dagger, longsword, and the knife.  

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith exhibits outstanding skills due to her passion for the historical European martial arts; this passion and love comes from her fondness of reading, as well as her enjoyment for competitive sports and history. She is one of the historical European martial arts instructors who is notable for her rapier skills and is also known as the champion in the Women’s longsword tournament. Additionally, she is also the only woman from North America who teaches historical fencing and has led classes of this all over the world. Her specialties include the longsword, rapier, and the messer. 

Michael Edelson

Michael Edelson has been a lifelong student of the martial arts and has years of experience in various martial arts weapons. He is one of the historical European martial arts instructors who established the New York historical fencing association and helped develop this group to become one of the most prosperous KDF schools in the US. 

Cory Winslow

Cory Winslow is one of the certified historical European martial arts instructors, as well as the vice director of the HEMA Curriculum Council. In the year 2006, Winslow founded the very first MEMAG training school and continued teaching regular classes right at MEMAG’s Peninsula Fight School in 2014. 

Roberto Martinez-Loyo

Roberto Martinez-Loyo has long studied the WMA since the year 2003, and he continues his training and instruction in HEMA by taking part in regular activities in different areas such as the ISMAC or International Sword and Martial Arts Convention, the CombatCon, the First Open International Gathering, and a lot more.