Sparring Swords

Sparring Swords for Different Martial Arts

Sparring swords are known as weapons that are specifically designed for training in various types of martial arts from all over the world and unlike real weapons that were utilized in battles, these sparring swords were specifically designed and created to be effective weapons for practicing and training

Specific sparring swords for medieval martial arts are available for practitioners to effectively learn the proper moves, techniques, and disciplines of different arts. Here are the following weapons:

The Épée

The Épée is one of the heaviest and largest sparring swords utilized in the art of fencing, and it is also a thrusting weapon that is somewhat similar to the foil. The difference between the two is that the Épée has a much stiffer blade that features a triangular-like cross-section and a V-shaped fuller; additionally, the Épée also features a bigger bell guard compared to the foil.

The Foil

The foil is another one of the sparring swords utilized for the sport of fencing. It is a flexible piece with a rectangular cross-section but is lightweight and weighs under a pound. There are two types of foils and these are the non-electric foil and the electric foil; elements that are present in both varieties include the grip, pommel, guard, blade, and the thumb pad.


The Federschwert is one of the sparring swords that is made of steel and is used in fencing schools of the German Renaissance. The sword has existed since the fifteenth century but was widely utilized as a standard training piece during the sixteenth century (the time when longsword fencing was stopped).


The dussack is one of the sparring swords that features a broad and arched blade with a simple oval-shaped grip; also, the sword represented a single-edged, short weapon.


The saber is one of the three sparring swords that is utilized in the art of fencing. And just like every other weapon utilized in fencing, the saber makes use of an electrical connection to register the numerous touches executed by the fencer.


The Waster is also one of the sparring swords that are commonly made out of wood though there are also other materials used to create this such as nylon. Making use of these materials to create the Waster is more economical and safe compared to using metal since this is specifically for training and sparring.

Sparring Swords for Asian Martial Arts

There are numerous sparring swords necessary for Asian martial arts and these include the following:


The bokken is one of the Japanese sparring swords made of wood that usually takes the shape and size of a katana; though there are times when the bokken can also appear like the wakizashi or the tanto. The bokken is also among the sparring swords that is said to be inexpensive as well as a safe substitute for the real nihonto in a couple of martial arts such as aikido, kenjutsu, iaido, judo, and kendo.


The suburito is one of the Asian martial arts sparring swords that is said to be a type of bokken but is thicker along the blade compared to its handle; because of this aspect, the suburito is heavier compared to the normal bokken.


The iaito is among the contemporary sparring swords made of metal. It is used for practicing Iaido since it does not feature a cutting edge.


Shinais are sparring swords that can also be utilized for competitions in kendo. It represents the Japanese sword and can also be utilized in other martial arts; however, it may be designed or styled differently when utilized in other arts.

Tanren bō

The tanren bo, though considered as sparring swords, is a bat utilized in aikido for suburi and strength training.


The taijijian is one of the Asian martial arts’ sparring swords that features a straight, double-edged sword primarily utilized in the practice of Taijiquan.