Top Weapons of the Ninja

Who Was The Invisible Warrior Known As Ninja?

Majority of the boys would most likely know the term “Ninja.”

Some movies or Anime became the basis of these warriors, like the Ninja turtles and Naruto. Some boys who know the concept behind it really likes these two. The thought of being another member of Ninja turtles or Naruto made them want to role played it too. The concept of Ninja is popular worldwide. In fact, various channels, movies, comics, and the Anime depicted the concept of the Ninja.

Even though the Ninja or Shinobi were covert agents in Japan, they’re still highly famous to the majority.

Ninja’s specialty is on murder, invasion, and sabotage among other things, all which required stealth. Their identity must remain disclose or they would have faced a high chance of failing their task.

Are Ninja warriors and Samurai the same?

Another irony of the Ninja’s popularity in modern time is that they were originally looked down by people. Specifically by the Samurai who existed in the same warring period of Japan.

Contrary to the Samurai who strictly followed to the code of honor and loyalty. the Shinobi doesn’t have a code to follow, they were loyal until they receive money.

Additionally, they believed that the end justifies the means. They did not hold any regard to the methods they used as long as they finish their job.

Sometimes they would infiltrate the enemy’s camp as if they were one of them. And even disguise as a priest, traveler, entertainer – anything that could achieve their goal.

Unlike the Samurai who used Katana and Wakizashi as weapons, these warriors would use any and all sorts of dangerous weapon. Unconventional, stealthy, strange looking weapons that normal people would not have used. Some of those would not even give the person the honor of knowing how they died.

In modern time, one of the mysteries of Ninja aside from their actual existence, are their weapons. Here are some of the deadly Ninja weapons.

Did they use poison as their weapon to kill someone?

The Ninja must be invisible to the eye of their enemies. So one of the methods that they have used to murder someone was poison. They used it to kill their enemies secretly without leaving a trace.

They also use it to coat their weapons or put poison to their enemy’s food. Sometimes they even disguise as a doctor just to give the poisoned medicine to their foes.

Surprisingly, they were good with vegetation. Since they lived in the mountains they were familiar with different kind of plants and as well as the effect of it to the people who would eat it.

Naturally, they could be well genuine doctors with their skills and experience in concocting medicine.

This is one of the reasons why they could sell medicine all around Japan to gather news without letting people know their identities

Did they use Shuriken just like how they were depicted in movies?

Photo credit: Shuriken

Shuriken must be one of the most popular weapons of the Ninja arsenal.

They are a flat, star-shaped piece of metal that they would throw in a lot of movies and Anime. And because Shuriken is small and lightweight,  they were also one of the most famous weapons of choice within the Ninja community.

Initially, Shuriken was for self-defense. With it being small in size, it was hard to aim and kill in one shot, but with the use of poison then a mere nick could send their targets to the door of death.

There are also different types of Shuriken known.

A cross-shaped Shuriken that can be folded. The corners of these are sharp and can inflict deep wounds.

There are also three-pointed or four-pointed Shurikens that we can see from the majority of the movies around. And there is also an eight-pointed Shuriken whose purpose was to hurt rather than to kill.

Did they use the Kunai that appeared in Naruto?

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If you have seen the wildly popular anime ‘Naruto’ then you would know the look of a common Kunai. It is a blade with a handle and a circle with a hole on the other end.

The Kunai was impossible to find on any weapons shop before. You cannot even find them with the secret shop since they were only available on Ninja schools before.

Some scholars said that Kunai were specially made for them. Since it is convenient for them not just as a weapon but also as a good tool (such as for climbing walls).

As a weapon, they can use it as a short sword in close combat. They can also throw it in long ranged combat, just like the Shuriken.

It may have been difficult to give a fatal blow to the enemies with how small the Kunai was. But with poison-coated on its edges, then it could kill the enemies.

Did they ever use a Blowgun (Fukiya)?

Since they were covert agents, their weapons were also mostly concealed. Fukiya was a mid-ranged blowgun that could be hidden as a musical instrument. It could also be a tool that is actually working as an instrument. They would blow needles out of the Fukiya.

As ‘wandering street performers,’ this was a vital weapon that they could conceal in plain sight.

They would aim at their enemy’s eyes with the needles that has poison in it, a Fukiya is again another small but deadly weapon.

Do Shikomizue differ from any martial arts weapons?

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True to the sly nature of the Ninja job, you may have noticed by now that a lot of Ninja weapons were things that no one can see and disguised easily.

Shikomizue was one of these secret weapons of them. A Shikomizue had different variations in size and shape. It could be a hidden weapon in the shape of a folding fan or it could also be placed inside the cane.

As mentioned earlier, Ninja ops would often disguise themselves by different works, being a Yamabushi (a kind of priest) was one of them.

Yamabushi carried a cane with them when they roam around, and Ninjas took advantage of this. While wandering the enemy area as an obscure priest, they had their weapon hidden in plain sight.

Is Ninjato was one of their weapons?

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Ninja swords were different from the Samurai sword. While the Samurai swords were long and curved, the Ninja swords were short and straight. This was purposely created so they can use it in narrow spaces such as rooms or passageways.

Unlike Samurai who has different methods in fighting, the specialty of the Ninja lies on how they would use their swords

A Ninja sword had a long strap of about 3 meters in length tied around the sword. They can use the strap as a bandage for their wounds, as a way to trip their enemy and muffle the sound of their footsteps during infiltration.

Is Kakute considered as a deadly weapon?

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Being stealthy was the doctrine of the Ninja. This was why they preferred ambushes, hidden attacks, and ranged tactics.

However, they could not stay far away and hide some of the time. Kakute was a good choice whenever the military men caught them in a face to face combat.

Kakute were rings worn in their middle fingers with spikes hidden in their hands. Due to its small size, it is not a reliable weapon to kill somebody. It is just for scratching or threatening the enemies to go away. In short, it is not considered as a one-hit, one-kill weapon.

They would use this to pierce their target’s skin, leaving them bleeding to death while they flee. If they wore this and the spikes were facing outside their hands, they could use it as a knuckle dusters. This weapon would then give absolute wreckage to their enemies.

Like other weapons, this tool would highly work if there is a poison covering the spikes of it.

Is Tekken different from Kakute?

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After the Kakute, we now have the Tekken which was basically an ancient knuckle duster made from iron.

However, this Tekken’s edge facing the enemy was not circular like the modern knuckle dusters, they were instead spiked. Similar to Kakute, Tekken was a weapon that ninjas used for close combat.

Tekken normally would not have been able to kill an enemy easily, but it was enough to inflict heavy damage and disorient them. However, as we may have known by now, using poison on this weapon made it deadly.

Did Ninja really use Wolverine’s claw (Neko-Te)?

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Neko-te or Nekode literally means cat hand, and quite fittingly, the weapon actually looked like a cat’s claw.

This weapon was a favorite among Kunoichi or female Ninjas. Yes, in the warring era of Japan, there were females among these hired men, a witty way of implementing “cat” fights.

The Kunoichi purposely created one type of a Neko-te as finger caps. A Ninja would individually equip these caps to their fingers one by one. On top of these caps were sharp nails that looked like claws.

Another type of Neko-te was an iron glove, again with sharp claws. This made it easier for the Ninja to grip and use compared to the finger caps.

Whether they were finger caps or gloves, the Kunichi dips the Neko-te to poison before using it. This would ensure a dealing of painful damage and killing the enemy.

Do Kusarigama differ from the Kama?

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Deviating from the normal hidden weapons of the Ninja, a Kusarigama is a sickle with a chain connecting a weight at the end. This was for the people who were not allowed to carry a Samurai sword such as the farmers.

It is also believed that this weapon has the highest mortality rate among the other weapons of its time.

Warriors would swing the chain and whip it towards their target to entangle them. This would make it easy for the Ninja to attack with their sickle.

However, the use of this particular weapon did not stop this. The variation of its attack depended on one’s ability.


Metsubishi was not a lethal weapon on its own, but the number of people that fell due to this tool was nonetheless high. After all, when one loses their eyesight, their combat ability could very well go down the drain. Then, it would be easy picking from there.

The Metsubishi was a weapon shaped like a round whistle with holes on each end. The Ninja would jam different items inside such as sand, red pepper, and scarily enough, chemicals. They would blow from one end of the Metsubishi and aim this to the enemy’s face, ruining their perceptions.

Another type of Metsubishi was the one made from paper and eggshells. The Ninjas would mix their chemicals with the broken eggshells and wrap it with paper. This type of Metsubishi was one that ninjas could simply throw to the enemy’s face.

Metsubishi was primarily used to ruin the target’s eyes. This method was one of the prime examples of why the Samurai was underestimating them. To the Samurai, blinding the enemy and dealing the killing blow was one without honor.

Even in modern time, the majority of the martial art sports prohibits one from targeting the enemy’s eyes. One is basically looked down upon by the mass population for using this underhanded means.

To the Ninja, there was no such thing as underhanded. People could frown upon their methods, but to them, as long as it worked out, then it was an excellent strategy.

Did these warriors ever use a gun (Nigiri-Teppo)?

When the Shogun opened Japan to Western countries, guns started to be popular. They were versatile, and they actually invented their very own handgun.

As they focused on being stealthy, they did not adhere to the usual gun blueprint. They actually made a simple gun which consisted mainly of a barrel and an ignition device. It was enough for it to be effective and functional. However, as per the Ninja code, it had to be invisible.

For this reason,  one of the designs of Nigiri-Teppo’s barrel was the “Yatate” or pencil case. Another way of hiding the handgun was to use the short sword as the barrel. They deceived the targets into thinking they have short swords instead of handguns.

Nigiri-teppo was also a Ninja way of deception by making the enemies think that the gun corps were nearby. After all, during the late warring era of Japan, the use of the weapon was strictly restricted to the military.

Nowadays, the use of any weapon is strictly regulated by the government. So using any of these obscure weapons would only land you jail time. However, this policy does not stop a few people from especially collecting these items.

In modern Japan, aside from these collectors, one way to admire these secret weapons is to visit a museum.

It is also unbelievable how they are so popular and love nowadays. You would see them in a lot of movies or novels. However, a lot of stories about their existence and escapade are actually legends, most of them were not and could not even say if they were true or not. Still, with how secretive the Ninjas were, this is not surprising. Thankfully, we have their weapons as physical proof that these secretive ops actually existed a long time ago.

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